Bugfix release, some new urgent features, stability improvements

EVA documentation is now available in reStructuredText format and at https://eva-ics.readthedocs.io

Emergency interfaces

  • fixes: correct display of long item names
  • fixes: various bug fixes
  • refresh buttons on item pages
  • LM EI: reset button and expire timer in LM EI show/hide when prop changed


  • fixes: remove empty controller group when all objects are deleted
  • fixes: remote items correctly display state in list_remote
  • fixes: disabled sensors and lvars should not react to an expiration
  • each set_prop call now logs what's actually changed
  • added item oid (type:group/item_id) - reserved for the future releases
  • added stop_on_critical option in config (default: yes), server will be restarted via safe-run if critical exception occur
  • uptime in dump and test API function, last 100 exceptions are now stored in a dump, dumps are now compressed with gzip
  • API functions now support JSON requests


  • action_toggle function to quickly toggle status of the simple units


  • list_remote returns array + controller_id proprety instead of dict
  • result function in macro api. terminate and result function accept action uuid as a param
  • on_set lm rule (status changed to 1)
  • new LM API and macro functions: clear (set lvar value to 0), toggle (toggles lvar value between 0 and 1)
  • cmd macro function now accepts full controller id (uc/controller_id) as well as short
  • new macro functions for the file management: ls, open_oldest, open_newest


  • fixes: dm_rule_props acl in SFA
  • list_remote returns array instead of dict + controller_id proprety
  • list_macros contains now controller property
  • append_controller now tries to autodetect controller type if no type specified
  • sfa pvt access logs
  • reset, toggle, clear, action_toggle, result and terminate by uuid funcs in sfa & sfa framework
  • reload_clients command and sfa framework reload event handler
  • eva_sfa_expires_in function in a framework to work with timers
  • log processing functions in a framework
  • wildcard masks in eva_sfa_state and eva_sfa_register_update_state


  • easy-setup.sh - an interactive/automatic script to quickly set up the current host
  • ability to run controllers under restricted user


Minor release with some urgent features


  • EVA_ITEM_PARENT_GROUP variable in script ENV which contains the parent group of the item
  • cvars now can be set as global or assigned to the specified item group i.e. 'VAR1' - global cvar, available to the all scripts, 'group1/VAR2' - variable available only to scripts from group 'group1' (as 'VAR2'), 'group2/VAR2' - variable available only to group 'group2' (also as 'VAR2'). Used by UC scripts to let one script manage different items

Universal Controller:

  • 'update_delay' - item passive update may start with a delay to prevent
    multiple updates run simultaneously producing high system load

UC API and uc-cmd:

  • 'clone' function in UC API and uc-cmd to clone items
  • 'clone_group' function in UC API and uc-cmd for cloning all matching
    items in a group
  • 'destroy_group' function destroys all items in the specified group

Logic Manager:

  • item id in LM rules match by simple mask (i.e. '*id'* or 'id'* or '*id')


First public release